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Smardaten was officially admitted onto AWS Global Startup Program
Release Time:2022/03/16 00:00:00

On 15th March 2022, Smardaten was officially admitted onto AWS GSP launchpad after a rigorous selection process.


This signifies AWS will be assigning a fully dedicated Partner Development Manager to escort Smardaten through the whole journey from getting ready, product enhancement to launching into the global channel network of AWS.


The program will mainly be focusing on three avenues of resource support:


Product Development 

        Help ISVs become enterprise-ready by adopting Well-Architected best practices and conducting AWS Technical Baseline Review to reduce workload risks.

        Accelerate product development by providing access to AWS experts, and through architecture reviews, immersive workshops, and alignment with AWS service teams.

        Differentiate solutions by working with AWS Partner Solutions Architects who can help map AWS services to unique customer use cases.



        Increase visibility for startups with enterprise customers through case studies, win wires, blogs, and the AWS Startup Partner Solutions webpage.

        Generate leads for Partners by participating in seminars, events, and webinars, while receiving exclusive invites to relevant AWS-led events.

        Preferential access to Marketing Development Funding, in both cash and AWS credits, to accelerate outreach and offset cost of campaigns, content development, and more. Receive AWS credits to list their solutions on AWS Marketplace, or to support customer POCs.



        Receive dedicated support from co-sell specialists to drive engagement with the AWS Sales and field teams and create a well-defined sales strategy.

        Reduce sales cycles and improve win rates for opportunities with mutual customers. Accelerate existing deals with assistance from AWS sellers, or even generate new opportunities by receiving customer introductions.

        Receive preferential access to AWS ISV Accelerate Program upon successfully completing the AWS Technical Baseline Review and other requirements.


Smardaten is the leader of the 4th generation of big-data powered enterprise class No-Code platform. It is the fastest growing data technology company in China and backed by Sequoia, also was the officially authorized service provider for the Road monitoring system for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It is the only No-Code platform in the world that has the all-around modules covering big data platform, data governance, BI and Data analytics and Application constructions.

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